Besides lying around the swimming pool or strolling to the beach (20 meters from the back door of Teranga Mission beach) or enjoying the house surrounded by nature. What are the other things to do at Mission beach?

1. Go out for a Snorkel or Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Reef Goddess - Great Barrier Reef from Mission Beach

Mission beach is very close to the Great Barrier Reef – natural seven wonders of the world. There are tours departing at 8.30AM just down the road from Teranga on Wongaling Beach. It is a full day outing guaranteed experience that you will never forget.

Visit our detailed blog article about our day adventure with Mission Beach Dive

2. Go for a SkywalkMamu Tropical Skywalk

About 30 minutes away from Paronella Park. Enjoy the experience of a combination of a Forest walk, a walk amongst the forest canopy via the Cantilever lookout point and finally an elevated towers to get a clear view of a heritage listed rainforest.

The walk will take about one hour.  For more information visit –

3. Mission Beach Tropical Fruit Safari

Because of our awesome tropical weather we are able to grow some rare and exotic fruits and vegetables. Come to the safari where there are up to  20 exotic fruits and vegetables on display. We bet you that there will be some fruits and veges you have never seen or heard of before. Run by Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre located on Porter Promenade Mission Beach.

Goto for more details. a 4.5 star rating by TripAdvisor.

4. Hire a Bike, Kayak or StandUp Board 

One of the other things to do around Mission Beach is to hire a bike. There are some fantastic gentle biking tracks that will lead you through the beautiful rainforest. Or do what we love doing and enjoy a ride along Wongaling to South Mission Beach. It make such a welcome change to ride along the beach. There are also trails you can venture out to and it you are lucky you might be able to see a magnificent Cassowary.

If you want to enjoy water activities Mission Beach Bike Hire has a range of Kayaks, StandUp boards and Beach fun (Boogie boards, flippers etc) to rent. Just come visit Mission Beach Bike Hire at 71 Banfield Parade, Wongaling Beach, QLD 4852.


Activity - Kayak Mission BeachActivity - Standups - work those AbsEnjoy a Bike Ride at Mission BeachBeach Fun at Mission Beach

5. Visit a Spanish Castle at Paronella Park

Nestled amongst a rainforest – Paronella Park is just a 45 minute drive North West of Mission beach.

The castle was built by Jose Paronella in 1930 and today it has been transformed into an eco-friendly experience consisting of 5 Hectares of lush and beautiful rainforest. The surrounds include 2 cascading waterfalls, a suspension bridge, numerous pathways and an abundance of native plants and wildlife. Voted as a must-do attraction in Queensland.

For the Romantics – there is the “Tunnel of Love”, for the “Energetic” there are plenty of trails to walk through. There are day and night experiences and a “Café on the Deck” for lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

The entrance fee includes a 45minute tour for more information visit